8 Facilities a Hotel Must Have

The most common facility in a hotel is a room, however, other facilities set one hotel apart from the other. This is a list of the basic facilities a hotel must-have.

Bar and Restaurant

This is the meeting place of hotel guests, their visitors, and business associates. It should be beautifully furnished and decorated with interesting artwork if possible. It should also have an opening and a closing time.

On-Site Parking

This is very important to hotel guests, especially those coming from out of town. A well-managed hotel must offer free parking to guests, especially in cities without a readily available public transportation system.

Free W-Fi

In this 21st century, a hotel without free Wi-Fi for guests is as good as dead. Most hotel guests expect it, especially the young ones that want to be on social media all day and the business travelers coming into town to conduct business.

Travel-Size Complimentary Toiletries

Travel-sized toiletries like body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are very much expected from well-managed hotels, especially if they are branded. It’s a status thing among colleagues, family, and friends as well as a form of advertisement for the hotel.

Swimming Pool

A hotel with a swimming pool draws customers who are not necessarily hotel guests. They hang out at the poolside, swim, or have fun thereby making more money for the hotel.

Business Facilities

A hotel that offers business people the opportunity to focus on their latest project, take an important call, or just send some quick emails would be a hit with members of the business community.

Exercise Facilities

Many hotel guests want to maintain their workout routine no matter where they are, so a hotel with a gym and other exercise facilities would be their favourite.


A hotel with a luxurious spa can attract people of all ages, cultures, and orientations. Everyone could do with some sauna time and a massage.

There are so many facilities that a hotel can boast of but we have outlined the must-haves for a hotel. Contact us for more information.